Damp Survey

Our surveys are carried out in line with British Standard BS6576 , and by surveyors who hold the industry recognised Certificate for damp proofing. You can, therefore, be confident that a HomeFix survey will meet industry-approved levels of competency, quality and customer care.

We specialise in diagnosing the source of any damp and providing professional recommendations as to how to treat the problem. We will also quote for any treatment works.


For our damp surveys and reports we charge a fee, which is refundable for most of our basic surveys if we carry out any treatment work which has been recommended. This is in recognition of our specialist qualifications.  This document is then yours to do with as you choose but it will provide a useful detailed record of the damp issues and recommended treatments for your property produced by an industry-recognised specialist. ​​

The Survey

Our survey starts with a visual inspection of the exterior of the property, with particular attention being paid to the damp proof course (DPC) and the height of the exterior ground levels in relation to it, the presence of air bricks, the state of the rainwater services, pointing, flashing and roof tiles.


Once inside the property we use a mixture of techniques including visual inspection and a protimetre to measure the moisture content in the walls. We are trained to recognise the moisture profile synonymous with rising damp so that we can accurately diagnose this problem. Other forms of damp we look out for are condensation and penetrating damp.​


Where we cannot gain access to the joists or floorboards, due to carpets or other floor coverings, we will make this clear in the report. Where we suspect that there may be damp but we cannot access the areas to confirm, we will make a recommendation in our report that further tests need to take place once the floor coverings have been removed.


Once we have gathered all the information we need we will produce a report detailing our conclusions and providing recommendations for necessary treatments. The report will include photos of relevant damp areas and a floor plan if we have found rising damp. We will also provide a quote to carry out the remedial treatment but the client is under no obligation to contract us for this work. We believe, however, that we offer excellent value for money and our rising damp treatments are guaranteed.